Brake Repair: Most Important Part of Car Care

Redlight, green light, one, two, three! Ever played that game as a kid? If you did, you would know that if you didn’t stop as soon as the person who’s “it” says those nerve-wracking words, you would be OUT! Of course, there are different variations of the game, but the bottom line is, you need to be a good listener and quick to put on your “brakes” at precisely the right time. Now, if you drive any type of vehicle, you understand that this applies just as well.

Don’t Block out the Noise

Although it’s way more important that the brakes on your car or any other automobile, can perform their job perfectly to keep you safe and in “the game”. Being a good listener is also important because unusual noises let you know when it’s time for a check-up and repair. The certified technicians at Checkpoint Automotive in Aurora, Colorado will make sure you can stop in less than one, two, three!

When Your Brakes are in Need of Attention

To know if you’re listening skills are sharp, and that your vehicle is prepared to stop in time, you need to be attentive and address peculiar sounds as soon as possible. Squealing and grinding sounds are never normal. They likely mean that the brake pads need replacing. Other tell-tale signs of failing brakes are a burning smell, an odd squishy feel when you step on the brake pedal, and most obvious an illuminated brake light on your dash. Don’t ignore any of them. There are some vehicle issues you can put off for a short period of time before bringing it in for repairs. Brakes are not one of them! You never want to be put out because your brakes stop working. If you’re not safe, others aren’t either. Practice good preventive measures to keep your brakes from failing. It’s a small price to pay for something so critical. When you’re looking for a reputable auto repair shop to inspect and possibly repair the brakes on your car, call Checkpoint Automotive.