Laser Precision Wheel Alignments in Aurora, CO

Whose Steering Your Vehicle? It Should Be You!

In order for you to maintain control of your vehicle all of its major systems must be working at peak performance—including the wheel alignment. If your steering feels off, if your car is pulling to one side, or your tires are wearing unevenly, then it’s time to stop by for an alignment inspection.

Is It Time For An Alignment Inspection?

Your wheel alignment should be inspected with every 10,000 Mile Maintenance Service—or any time you feel a change in steering or notice uneven tire wear. While an inspection is needed every 10,000 miles you may not be in need of an alignment. But when it does, we have the latest alignment rack technology in our shop that will return your alignment to factory specifications for a precision perfect alignment!

It Hasn’t Been 10,000 Miles But My Steering Feels Off?

It is important to keep in mind that your wheels can be knocked out of alignment after hitting a curb, off-roading, driving over potholes, or after a minor fender-bender. So if you aren’t due for a Mile Maintenance Service but your alignment or anything else on your vehicle doesn’t sound, look, feel or smell right—stop by for an in-depth diagnostic check. 

Signs that your wheel alignment is off include:

  • Uneven wear on your inner or outer tire tread on one or more of your tires.

  • If it has become more difficult to steer when turning either left or right.

  • Your car no longer tracks in a straight line and pulls in one direction.

  • Your steering wheel is no longer centered when driving straight.

  • You have a drop in fuel efficiency. 

If any of these signs are present we urge you to stop by Checkpoint Automotive as soon as you can. We will perform a full inspection to ensure your vehicle is still roadworthy and perform an alignment before further damage is done. Our technicians are ASE Certified, and all of our parts and work are backed by either 24 months/24,000 miles or 36 months/36,000 miles warranty!

We Sell Tires Too!

If your wheel alignment has been off for a while your tires will wear faster than expected. A tire rotation may help distribute the wear evenly but without a front end alignment your tires will wear down faster than they should.  In addition to wheel alignments, we also provide the full range of tires services like tire balance and flat tire repairs, and sell a quality selection of both Continental and General Tires. This includes all-season, winter tires, high performance, and more!

We Offer Repair Financing

If your alignment, service or repairs doesn’t quite fit in your budget you are welcome to apply for repair financing. This will keep you safe and, on the road, while minimizing the strain on your budget. 

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