The Importance of Wheel Alignments

Have you ever wondered how turning your steering wheel makes your car turn? It all comes down to its steering system. This complex system is made up of multiple components that all work together to help your vehicle easily turn.

But why are wheel alignments so important for a car’s steering system? The auto technicians at Checkpoint Automotive, Inc. in Aurora, Colorado are here to explain.

Your Car’s Steering System

A vehicle’s steering system enables you to efficiently direct your car with small movements. Modern cars typically have rack-and-pinion steering systems that use a gear-set to change the circular motion of the steering wheel into the wheel’s linear movements.

A rack-and-pinion steering system works by:

  • Using a shaft that extends from the steering wheel to a round gear called a pinion
  • Having the pinion roll through a notched rod (known as a rack) as you turn the steering wheel
  • Allowing the rack to move all four tires, which it is connected to, to either the left or right

In basic terms, the shaft uses the pinion and rack to send messages from the steering wheel to the wheels.

The Importance of Routine Wheel Alignments

Routine wheel alignments will help your vehicle’s steering system to optimally function. If you hit a bump or pothole, the wheel alignment can easily get thrown off. This will greatly impact your ability to safely drive and shorten the lifespan of your tires.

When you first drive your car off the showroom, its wheels were pre-set at specific angles to keep them running straight. For your vehicle to continually drive smoothly, it needs a precise wheel alignment. You should get a wheel alignment every one to three years.

Expert Automotive Maintenance and Repair

To ensure your steering system is safe and sound, schedule a wheel alignment service at Checkpoint Automotive, Inc. in Aurora, Colorado. Our crew of expert technicians will ensure that every component of your car’s steering system is properly functioning. This not only promotes safety but driving enjoyment.

To schedule your wheel alignment, contact our shop by calling 303-400-0592 today. We look forward to seeing you soon!